the fierce dragon & the crazy princess

and their love for each other

Princess and Dragon: Tatsuki x Orihime
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This is a community dedicated to the pairing of Arisawa Tatsuki and Inoue Orihime from the manga and anime Bleach. Why? Because their love is so [insert word or phrase of choice here: meant to be / canon / beautiful / hot / etc]. Anything related to them is welcomed here: graphics of all kinds, links, fanart, fanfiction, recommendations, general chatter, whatever. So long as it's about these two, it's good.

1. Play nice with each other. Politeness is a good thing.
2. Use LJ-cuts when your post contains large graphics, spoilers, or adult content, and make sure to indicate this before the cut.
3. Try to stay on topic. This is about Orihime and Tatsuki; there are other communities for other pairings and characters.
4. If posting fanart or fanfiction that's not yours, clearly indicate whose it is and link to the original source.
5. Don't bash other characters or pairings.

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