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Just some tatxOri written for 15hugs ^_^

Title: Stuck together
Author: koldstare
Fandom/Couple: Tatsuki Arisawa X Inoue Orihime
Theme: #3 Stuck together
Rating: G
Warning: No warnings I don't think.

“Why are we doing this again Tatsuki?” asked Orihime, covering the floor in a colourless liquid.
“I told you Orihime. Ichigo and Ishida will be coming in here in about and hour. They will get stuck to the floor and we can have a good laugh” replied Tatsuki for the tenth time that morning.
“But won’t Kurosaki-kun get mad?” said Orihime.
“I thought you said he had a funny face no matter what?”

Orihime giggled and nodded. She smiled her huge smile and returned to covering the floor in glue. Tatsuki couldn’t help but smile back. Orihime had that infectious smile which passed through a room quickly and never lost it’s warmth. A few minutes later, Orihime put down her glue brush and turned to Tatsuki.

“Won’t the teachers get mad that we covered a classroom in glue?”
Tatsuki pondered for a moment, ”I doubt it because they’ll probably find it funny too”. Tatsuki was again using her twisted logic.
“But if they do get mad they might knock down our grades or suspend us or..or..”

Orihime was beginning to panic. Her breath getting heavier and her movements more erratic and spontaneous. Tatsuki moved closer and grabbed Orihimes flailing arms.

“We’ll be fine ok?” smiled Tatsuki

Orihime again smiled and hugged Tatsuki who invited her in with her arms. After a few seconds they should have pulled away but Orihime was having trouble breaking the hug.

“Yes Orihime?” she had yet to notice the problem they were facing.
“I can’t let go of you”

These words hit Tatsuki quickly and it didn’t take long to realise that her and Orihime were stuck together. All day they had been wiping excess glue off onto there clothes and when they hugged it had glued them together. Orihime nervously laughed at the situation and Tatsuki thought. She immediately took charge of what was happening.

“Ok Orihime we have two options. We can either take off our clothes and run or we can try and manoeuvre ourselves back to your house and therefore not make fools of ourselves.”
“The second one please Tatsuki-chan” said a blushing Orihime.
“Ok we stand on three. 1...2..3!”

The pair stood up and wobbled but remained standing. They began to walk over to the door but after 5 steps the pair both stopped. They both looked down and realised they had just stopped on the now setting glue and were stuck in position.

“This can’t get worse” muttered Tatsuki when the door burst open and there stood a gob smacked Ichigo and Ishida.
“Of course it can Tatsuki” said Orihime smiling.

Title: Sleep
Author: koldstare
Fandom/Couple: Tatsuki Arisawa X Inoue Orihime
Theme: #6 Sleeping
Rating: G
Warning: seems fine.


Orihime prodded Tatsuki in her side. She didn’t move at all. Orihime prodded again and this time Tatsuki rolled over to face her.

“What Orihime?”
“I can’t sleep” she whispered, ”I think I heard a noise and I’m sure there’s someone outside”

Tatsuki sighed and sat up. She threw her legs off the bed and wandered over to the window. Half way she banged her legs into the same table she had. Grimacing, she stopped for a second and then carried on. Upon reaching the window she stared out and looked with her blurry eyes to see if there was anyone. She saw nothing untoward just the cat from next door raiding the newly added to bins.

Tatsuki turned back and worked her way back to the bed, avoiding the table this time. She sat on the bed and turned to Orihime.

“There’s no one outside ok. It was just a cat. Go back to sleep”.

Tatsuki placed herself back under the cover and waited for sleep to return to her. About five minutes later, Orihime again prodded her, this time in her face waking her up instantly.

“Yes Orihime?” said Tatsuki, slightly raised voice but she couldn't be mad.
“I heard it again” whispered Orihime.

Tatsuki sighed and flipped away from her. After this she threw the cover behind her open inviting Orihime in. Orihime slid under the covers and grabbed Tatsuki.

“Thank you Tatsuki-chan” she whispered.
“Just get some sleep” said Tatsuki.

That night, Orihime slept well for the first time in days. Happy she had a friend like Tatsuki.

Title: Worse days
Author: koldstare
Fandom/Couple: Tatsuki Arisawa X Inoue Orihime
Theme: #10 worse days
Rating: G
Warning: Nope.

Orihime stood quietly on the windy day and just stared at the ground that laid before her feet. Over the past year the same section of ground had become overgrown and she was here to keep it clean. Crouching down, she began to cut the grass with her small pair of scissors. Each time she cut she felt a sharp pain in her chest. It had been many years but still she hurt. She didn’t know if it would ever stop. She looked up at the cold slab of concrete that dominated the small patch of earth.

Her brothers grave. It was so cold and had no feeling at all. She knew that her brother would have wanted her to forget about him and not care. To get on with her life and grow up to be a strong woman with her bright hair. But Orihime was too kind and thoughtful. She wouldn’t be able to leave him. Never. The wind blew hard and Orihime hat blew off. She reached out to grab it but missed.

Suddenly, a hand reached out and grabbed it. Tatsuki walked up to Orihime and placed the hat back on her head. Tatsuki smiled at Orihime who smiled back and began to cry. Tatsuki reached forward and held Orihime who sat neatly in Tatsuki’s arms. Orihime kept sobbing, wetting Tatsukis clothes but she didn’t mind.

“We’ll put this down as one of our worse days eh?” said Tatsuki.

Orihime nodded into Tatsuki who lead her away back down the path towards her house where she knew she would have to hold onto Orihime for awhile but she didn’t mind at all.

Title: Masterpiece
Author: koldstare
Fandom/Couple: Tatsuki Arisawa X Inoue Orihime
Theme: #13 Masterpiece
Rating: G
Warning: *shakes head*

Tatsuki launched forward and ducked under the first blow from the stupid guy she was facing. He was shocked at her speed but he didn’t have long enough to comprehend it as she threw her fist into his face. The guy flew backwards and landed on the edge of the ring in a daze. Recovering quickly, he bombarded forward at Tatsuki and threw his fists at her over and over but she easily dodged them all with her acrobatic ability.

She then saw her chance and swooped down low. She brought her legs spinning round and caught the guy right in the knees. He screamed and fell towards the ground but before he hit it Tatsuki punched him hard in the face and he flew again to the edge of the ring but this time he hit the ground unconscious.

“And the winner is TATSUKI ARISAWA!!!!”

The crowd screamed with rapturous applause. Tatsuki jumped and punched the air with all her might. She had finally won a tournament and she was the happiest girl alive.


Orihime burst from the crowd and onto the arena. She leapt straight at Tatsuki and hugged her tightly and even lifting her up off her feet slightly. Tatsuki was a bit surprised but just laughed and screamed with joy.

“Tatsuki the masterpiece!” screamed Orihime.

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