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RPG: Bleach Factor

A note of courtesy to our mods in this community: I made this entry to inquire if there is anyone in our Bleach fan circle who might be interested to join a new Bleach RPG on LJ. As we just started advertising not long ago, we currently still have a number of characters open, including both Orihime and Tatsuki's ^^

However, as I do not wish to offend, please let me know if such entries are not allowed, and I'll be sure to have it removed promptly, thank you!

And so hello everyone^^ This is Celestie coming to you live on Bleach National News Report. Just today, the infamous Magical Institution of Bleach Factor has announced the reopening of their second school semester for the year 2007. After a mysterious period of silence following the disastrous incident of a mass student disappearance about 6 months ago, this came as a surprise to much of the people in the country.
Wind from reliable sources has brought us closer to the verification that the Institute has indeed made further plans with the government's special defense organization -the Bleach Factor, to recover the missing students. However, how this directly relates to the reopening of student in-take still remains a complete mystery to the public, and the school authorities has adamantly refused to reveal anything further.
Headmaster Yamamoto: "This was a last-minute decision made by authorities in the Bleach Factor Defense Force. As you know the Institute is only operating under the organization, so any further information is considered highly confidential, and is therefore not in our power to disclose."
Following the Headmaster's elusive speech, we have managed to get ahold of a couple of BFMI's instructors to hear their views on the subject:
Ichimaru-sensei: "Ain't it a relief that we're able ta keep this place open an' let such promisin' students in again! Jus' wouldn' be the same without 'em, now would it?"
One of our youngest instructors, Hitsugaya-sensei, had expressed that this has indeed been a decision made in the eleventh hour -a puzzling thing to be sure, even to most of the staff in the BFMI.
Despite all of the going-ons, what's most certain is that this will not dissuade the aim and determination of the Institute and the Bleach Factor to move forward in the direction of their common goal. Please stay tuned to the BFMI community for more fun and updates by clicking the banner above!

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