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Seeing a princess for the dragon!



We’ve all been through it. The pain of having hours upon hours of homework, of being nagged at by teachers and parents alike, all for mere numbers and letters on a report card. Coffee has quickly become every student’s best friend, and night all too quickly becomes day as we realize that English class starts in just two more hours, and you’ve barely written three paragraphs of your assigned 30-page thesis.

But now, we’re not alone.

Welcome to || KARAKURA UNIVERSITY ||, an alternative universe roleplay that throws characters from Bleach into a torture worse than being eaten by a Hollow: the horrors of college life.

However, unlike the popular series by Kubo Tite, spirit force has absolutely no bearing whatsoever; the only thing all of the characters have is an affiliation with the University, whether as a student, professor, or other staff member.

Information & Rules || Open & Taken Characters || Applications || Questions & Comments


Hey everyone, haku here, founder of the Bleach AU comm kara_uni! Fall semester is about to begin, and we're desperately seeking someone to play our favorite Princess from Bleach! I happen to be the player for Tatsuki (dragonianknight), and I know that I've been suffering from Hime withdrawal! We're very receptive to first-time RPers, so please give us some thought! ♥
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I'm not going to ban advertisement of RPs, but please cut this.
Done! Sorry for the trouble, and thank you so much! ^^; ♥